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The B&B "Al Gattopardo" adopts an innovative philosophy to safeguard the environment, without sacrificing comfort, and aimed at satisfying the various needs of eco-sustainable tourism and making your eco-stay even safer, more comfortable and relaxing.

It is necessary to choose to adopt behaviors that do not damage the environment, including holidays, and for this reason a commitment is needed to apply, in daily management, small but effective initiatives aimed at reducing consumption, the use of eco-compatible technologies and the use of of alternative energy sources.

It is necessary to promote, but also satisfy, a type of responsible tourism, involving guests in ecological choices, for example by inviting them to adopt, during their stay in the hotel, simple but important measures in defense of the environmental heritage.

Supporting initiatives that aim to promote and understand the traditions, culture and history of the area in which we live or where we are staying for vacation or work is a significant added value.


Biological agriculture

At least 95% of the raw materials used for breakfast come from organic and biodynamic agriculture (which certifies the absence of chemical pesticides). We use some Km0 and fair trade products.

Fresh products

Where possible, we select local raw materials, fresh and in season.

Selected breakfast

For breakfast, on request, we have products for celiacs (gluten free).

Ecological Paper

Disposable napkins are PEFC, FSC or Ecolabel certified, brands that guarantee responsible management of forests, respecting the economic and social system.


No allergens and dust mites

We use vacuum cleaners with hypoallergenic filters that retain up to 90% of fine dust and purify the air. For the cleaning and sanitization of common spaces and environments such as breakfast room and kitchen, we use a machine with steam at 100 degrees C. For cleaning some surfaces (e.g. glass, mirrors, etc.), we use a special cloth with water lukewarm, which does not require the use of any detergent.

Ecological detergents

We use 98% ecological and biodegradable detergents in 24 hours, to protect both the aquifers and our guests and staff. The air you breathe is healthier.

Ecological toilet paper

The toilet paper is ecological and ecolabel and / or FSC certified.

Products that respect the environment

Our courtesy set is ecological and eco-labeled.


Respect for the environment

Bike rent


Disabled friendly

100% accessibility for disabled people, even without a companion.


All the internal walls of the hotel are painted with natural ecological paints and catalytic photos (the air you breathe is healthier).


We installed 100% flow reducers on the taps of the sink, bidet and shower. Inside the bathrooms there is an eco-adhesive that invites guests to use the towels more responsibly, asking to put only what you want changed in the sink.

As for the regulations for 3 * hotels, bed linen is changed at least 3 times a week. For longer stays, contribute to a more responsible use of the linen by placing the appropriate card on the bed to communicate the desire to continue using it.

We water the garden at sunset and early in the morning. We have 2 class A ++ washing machines: for each washing cycle, they save up to a maximum of 35% of water compared to other similar models on the market.


Eco-sustainability in all languages

In the rooms there are eco-folders containing the eco-tips translated into 5 languages.

Energy saving lamps

We have 100% energy-saving and LED bulbs for bedrooms and common areas, plus an automatic switch-off system for outdoor and garden lights.


PCs and TVs are Energy Stars.

Energy class of household appliances

We have 2 class A ++ washing machines


The windows are double-glazed type STOPSOL and thermal and acoustic cut.

Possibility of choice

You can choose to adjust the room temperature by choosing between hot / cold air from the air conditioner.



We differentiate organic, paper, plastic, glass, wood, tetra pack and aluminum.

Recycled packaging

Many of our suppliers use recycled and / or recyclable packaging for food products.


We deliver electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to national collection centers

Battery collection

We collect used batteries.

Regenerated toners

We regenerate printer toners.



This website is green, we value both environmental and social actions, and we promote the territory and its events.


We have a Facebook page where we communicate information and activities related to the B&B Al Gattopardo.

Recycled paper

We use 100% recycled paper for stationery use.

Description of ingredients

On the breakfast buffet, we also communicate the ingredients of our products.

Shared policy

We share environmental policy with all staff.

Shared library

We have a shared library, where you can find books and magazines on the world of ecology, on the biological and social sectors.